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Have You Suffered a Work-Related Injury?

If you have suffered a work-related injury and you’re not sure how to proceed with your claim, read the following to see if a workers compensation lawyer is right for you.

I Was Injured at Work. Should I Hire an Attorney?

If you suffered a work-related injury and are not sure whether to handle the case on your own or consult with an attorney, there are some things to consider that will help you decide. 1. Was the injury more severe than a cut with a few stitches or a twisted ankle? If so, then you should contact an attorney to evaluate your claim. 2. Did you miss more than a few hours or a day of work because of the injury? If you did, then an attorney should review your claim. 3. Is your employer denying the injury that happened at work? If so, then you should contact an attorney to review the details of the injury.

My Employer Is Denying My Workers Compensation Claim

Is your employer denying your claim or refusing to pay your workers compensation benefits? If so, your employer is banking on the fact that most work-injured victims don’t appeal when their employers reject their claims. A workers compensation attorney can help you fight the rejected claim and get you the best payout possible.

The Settlement Amount My Employer Is Offering Me Doesn’t Cover My Medical Expenses or Lost Wages

You are able to file an injury claim yourself, however, it’s important to have an experienced professional evaluate your case prior to filing a work injury claim. This is because the insurance company will either make it difficult for your claim to be filed or will offer you a low settlement amount. An injury attorney has handled several injury claims and will know how to file yours to get you the best outcome possible.

How Much Will a Lawyer Charge Me?

Injury lawyers take cases on contingency which means that they won’t charge you anything until your case is won. Consulting with a workers compensation lawyer is also free so you don’t pay to speak with an experienced workers injury lawyer. Complete the FREE CONSULTATION FORM to schedule a call today.